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What´s New in Visure Requirements

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Take a Visure Requirements Tour
Take a Visure Requirements Tour

Overview of enhancements


New Drag & Drop Linking 

Visure Requirements does now support creation of links through drag & drop, which greatly simplifies the creation of links. Just press the CTRL key while dragging, and a link will be created.



New view configuration dialog

The view configuration functionality has been reorganized. A new dialog, from which all view configuration aspects can be accessed has been created. This new dialog has been designed and implemented following user expectations, to improve general usability.



Quicker Access to View Configuration Through column title menus

The user can now access all options related to view configuration through a faster and more intuitive method: A context menu has been added to view column titles, from where sorting, filtering, and column options can be accessed. Additionally, the context menu will also include column options relate to the selected column. The last option in the menu, will provide access to the new view configuration dialog.



Easier modification of attributes for a multi-selection of items

Modification of attributes can now be performed in the Details tab, regardless of the number of items selected, be it one, or several. Accordingly, when there are multiple items selected, the Details tab will only make available the attributes that are common to them all


Improved traceability analysis through new links filter

The user can now perform better impact, traceability, coverage and similar analysis thanks to the new links filter. The new filter consists of a new filter criteria which enables the user to filter items based on them having links of a certain type. The filter allows selection of incoming or outgoing, and also selecting any type of link, or a specific set of link types



Search and replace

A new functionality has been added, to provide search and replace functionality. This functionality enables the user to quickly find items that include a piece of text in their main content, and also to replace such content with a new piece of text



Performance improvements

Visure Requirements 4.8 has undergone a thorough performance review, which has resulted in improvements under a low bandwidth environment, providing  performance improvements up to 50% in some functionality areas